Safeguarding Policy

Blueprint is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for all individuals, particularly children and vulnerable adults, who engage with our programs, activities, and services. This Safeguarding Policy outlines our commitment to the principles of safeguarding as set forth in the All Wales child safeguarding framework.

1. Purpose and Scope

1.1 This policy aims to protect children and vulnerable adults from harm, abuse, neglect, or exploitation and to ensure their well-being and safety within our organization.

1.2 This policy applies to all employees, volunteers, contractors, and stakeholders involved in our activities and services.

2. Legal Framework

2.1 We adhere to the All Wales child safeguarding framework, as well as relevant legislation and guidance, including the Children Act 1989 and 2004, the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014, and the Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006.

2.2 Our organization is committed to complying with all legal requirements and reporting obligations regarding safeguarding concerns or incidents.

3. Safeguarding Responsibilities

3.1 Blueprint will appoint an appropriately trained Designated Safeguarding Officer.

3.2 Individuals associated with Blueprint, including employees, volunteers, contractors, and stakeholders, have a responsibility to safeguard children and vulnerable adults and to report any concerns or suspicions of abuse or neglect to the designated safeguarding officer.

3.3 The designated safeguarding officer is responsible for overseeing the implementation of this policy, providing staff training, advice and guidance, and responding to safeguarding concerns or incidents in a timely and appropriate manner.

4. Safer Recruitment

4.1 We have robust recruitment procedures in place to ensure that individuals who work with children and vulnerable adults are suitable and safe to do so. This includes DBS checks where necessary, background checks, reference checks, and adherence to relevant safeguarding guidelines.

4.2 All individuals involved in recruitment are trained on safer recruitment practices and are aware of their responsibility to protect the well-being of children and vulnerable adults.

5. Code of Conduct

5.1 We have established a code of conduct that outlines the expected behavior and standards of all individuals associated with our organization.

5.2 The code of conduct emphasizes appropriate and respectful interactions, maintaining professional boundaries, and reporting any concerns or breaches of the code.

6. Training and Awareness

6.1 We provide regular training and awareness programs to all individuals involved in our organization on safeguarding practices, recognizing signs of abuse or neglect, and responding to concerns.

6.2 Training is mandatory for all employees and volunteers, and refresher courses are provided periodically to ensure ongoing awareness and understanding.

7. Reporting and Response

7.1 Any concerns or suspicions of abuse or neglect should be reported immediately to the designated safeguarding officer.

7.2 The designated safeguarding officer will follow internal reporting procedures, notify relevant authorities as required, and take appropriate action to protect the well-being of the individuals involved. In line with the All Wales Safeguarding Framework.

8. Confidentiality and Information Sharing

8.1 Safeguarding concerns will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and information will only be shared on a need-to-know basis.

8.2 Information sharing will adhere to relevant data protection laws and guidelines, ensuring the privacy and dignity of individuals involved.

9. Review and Monitoring

9.1 This Safeguarding Policy will be reviewed periodically to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness.

9.2 We will monitor and evaluate the implementation of this policy to identify areas for improvement and to ensure compliance with legal requirements and best practices.

Blueprint is committed to safeguarding the well-being and safety of children and vulnerable adults. By adhering to this policy, we aim to create a secure and supportive environment for all.

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