Battle Arcade: Project Showcase

Battle Arcade: Project Showcase

Llanelli faces a growing challenge with vacant units, and it's time we come together to address it.

Over the past few months, we've been diligently crafting ideas that promise not just to fill spaces, but also hearts and minds. We are thrilled to introduce our 1st venture from Blueprint.

Join us for an enriching evening as we unravel the concept, journey, and vibrant possibilities of the Battle Arcade.

Why Attend?

Community Building: Play a role in revitalising Llanelli by bringing purpose and passion back to vacant spaces.

First Look: Get an exclusive preview of the Battle Arcade, a project aiming to bring a renewed sense of excitement and engagement to our local scene.

Connect and Collaborate: Network with like-minded locals, potential collaborators, and the brains behind the project

Together, let's envision and shape a more dynamic and engaging future for Llanelli.

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